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Top REALTORS in the US

top realtors

The US real estate market is going through a phase of unpredictability, making it difficult for home sellers and home buyers to time the market and make their move. It is, therefore, essential to rely on the expertise of top REALTORS in the market as they can help you navigate and score a profitable real estate deal.

What is a REALTOR?

A REALTOR is a real estate agent or a real estate broker, who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS. They adhere to the NAR Code of Ethics.

What does a REALTOR do?

A REALTOR helps home sellers and home buyers in their real estate transaction.

For Home Sellers

  • List the property on the MLS
  • Host open houses
  • Negotiate with buyers
  • Take care of the paperwork
  • Provide closing assistance

For Home Buyers

  • Recommend suitable properties
  • Accompany buyers to home showings
  • Negotiate on the buyers’ behalf
  • Take care of the closing process

What Percentage do REALTORS Make?

REALTORS across the US make anywhere between 2.5% to 3% of the home sale price. The seller pays the listing agent commission as well as the buyer agent commission. However, there are some flat fee REALTORS who offer their services for a flat rate or a low commission as compared to traditional real estate agents.


RegionStates/CitiesTop REALTORS
NortheastStates Realtors in Connecticut | Realtors in Massachusetts | Realtors in New Hampshire | Realtors in New Jersey | Realtors in New York | Realtors in Rhode Island | Realtors in Vermont | Realtors in Maine | Realtors in Pennsylvania
MidwestStatesRealtors in Illinois | Realtors in Indiana | Realtors in Iowa | Realtors in Kansas | Realtors in Michigan | Realtors in Minnesota | Realtors in Missouri | Realtors in Nebraska | Realtors in North Dakota | Realtors in Ohio | Realtors in South Dakota | Realtors in Wisconsin
MidwestCitiesRealtors in Powell, OH
SouthStatesRealtors in Alabama | Realtors in Arkansas | Realtors in Delaware | Realtors in Florida | Realtors in Georgia | Realtors in Kentucky | Realtors in Louisiana | Realtors in Maryland | Realtors in Mississippi | Realtors in North Carolina | Realtors in Oklahoma | Realtors in South Carolina | Realtors in Tennessee | Realtors in Texas | Realtors in Virginia | Realtors in Washington, D.C. | Realtors in West Virginia
SouthKey CitiesRealtors in Jacksonville, FL | Realtors in Orlando, FL | Realtors in Naples, FL | Realtors in Tampa, FL | Realtors in Sarasota, FL | Realtors in Houston, TX | Realtors in Clarksville, TN | Realtors in Nashville, TN | Realtors in Florence, SC | Realtors in Danville, VA | Realtors in Montgomery, AL | Realtors in Ocala, FL | Realtors in Charlotte, NC | Realtors in Valdosta, GA | Realtors in Augusta, GA | Realtors in High Point, NC | Realtors in Goldsboro, NC | Realtors in Raleigh, NC | Realtors in Kissimmee, FL | Realtors in Laredo, TX | Realtors in Baton Rouge, TX | Realtors in Tulsa, OK | Realtors in Athens, GA | Realtors in Columbus, GA | Realtors in Rocky Mount, NC | Realtors in Hinesville, GA | Realtors in Hattiesburg, MS | Realtors in San Antonio, TX
WestStatesRealtors in Alaska | Realtors in Arizona | Realtors in California | Realtors in Colorado | Realtors in Hawaii | Realtors in Idaho | Realtors in Montana | Realtors in Nevada | Realtors in New Mexico | Realtors in Oregon | Realtors in Utah | Realtors in Washington | Realtors in Wyoming
WestKey CitiesRealtors in Las Vegas, NV | Realtors in Denver, CO

The Bottomline

Selling and buying a house is more often than not a once-in-lifetime event. Hiring a REALTOR to assist you through the process won’t just save your time, it’ll save you the hassle of having to handle the tedious paperwork all by yourself.

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