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Georgia’s Best Flat Fee MLS Companies

Flat Fee MLS Georgia

Flat Fee MLS Georgia services ranked below can save thousands of your dollars.

In Georgia, there are now 27,595 properties for sale. Georgia’s median list price is $389,900, with an average price per square foot of $167.

We have ranked and reviewed the top 5 Flat Fee MLS Georgia companies, to help you make an informed decision.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Rankings: 5 Flat Fee MLS Georgia Listing Services

Flat Fee MLS ServicePriceHidden Fees100% OnlineOffer ManagementShowing Management5-star ReviewsMobile App
1. Houzeo$229-$449None
3. List with Freedom$89-$2950.25%
4. Beycome$99-$499+ (0.1% commission)None
5. XFlatFeeMLS$59-$1490.12%

How Much Does Flat Fee MLS Listing Georgia Cost?

There are 2 types of costs related to a Flat Fee MLS listing

  • Initial Flat Fee: You’ll have to pay an upfront fee to list your home on MLS. Usually, the initial fee ranges between $300 and $500.
  • Closing Cost: Once a home seller strikes a deal and closes it, they have to pay a part of their equity on home inspection fee, title and home insurance fees, seller and buyer agent commissions, and home warranty as a closing cost of their property.

» Pro Tip: To know the most accurate closing cost estimate of your state or city, check out Houzeo’s Closing Cost Calculator.

Reviews: 5 Best Georgia Flat Fee MLS Companies

1. Houzeo

Best Overall Company Logo

Houzeo offers 4 comprehensive Flat Fee MLS Listing plans.

  • Bronze (FREE): Yes. It’s Free! Just pay a $49 fee for the Houzeo yard sign, take a selfie, and get refunded.
  • Silver: In the silver plan, you can list 24 photos for 6 months. You also get a yard sign and unlimited listing changes. Your listing is syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, and more.
  • Gold: Gold is Houzeo’s signature MLS package with tech features like Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
  • Platinum: This is the ultimate flat fee plan with a 1-year listing term and virtual full-service from a licensed broker.

👉 Is Houzeo Legit? Find out before investing!

Houzeo has the best tech available for a Flat Fee MLS platform!

  • No Listing Commission: With Houzeo you save at least 3% on listing agent commission. All fees are disclosed upfront, so there are no Houzeo hidden fees.
  • Advanced Tech: Houzeo offers up-to-the-minute technology to give you a smooth ride from list to close. You get an intuitive seller’s dashboard, free mobile app, and 100% online paperwork.
  • Maximum Exposure: Your home is listed on 100+ real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia. This ensures maximum eyeballs on your property.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Houzeo covers 47 states and DC.

👉 Houzeo Customer Reviews: Houzeo is rated “Excellent” with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating by 4,523 home sellers on Google Reviews and Trustpilot!



In our research, we found no major red flags with Houzeo. Customers have consistently given positive reviews about their experience!

👉 Houzeo Complaints: Find Out what sellers said about Houzeo!

👑 We recommend Houzeo’s Gold plan priced for an easy and quick listing. The full-service Platinum plan is a great option for first-time FSBO sellers who need expert guidance.

👉 Is Houzeo Good? Find out here!


THE OLDEST ONE Company Logo offers 2 packages for FSBO home sellers.

  • Basic Package – $99: This is a basic listing plan where your property is listed on and Redfin for 6 months.
  • MLS Package – $399: The package includes a listing term of 6 months with up to 20 photos.

Here is what you will pay for the additional services:

  • Classic Yard Sign w/ Stand: $60
  • Directional Arrow – For Sale By Owner: $12
  • Open House Directional Arrow: $12
  • Sign Riders: $12

⚔️ Most $99 plans are clickbait! Proceed with caution. can be useful for experienced home sellers.

  • Multiple Listing Categories: You get to highlight your listing in a special section dedicated to foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, tax lien, or bankruptcy.
  • User‑Friendly Interface: has a simple website that is easy to navigate. It has a basic interface that enables you to create your listing by adding relevant information.



In our research, we found some red flags with

  • Not Fully Online: The company shares your information with a local broker who lists your property. There is no online automation therefore you must complete all the paperwork manually.
  • No DIY Resources: does not provide any resources to simplify your listing experience.
  • Unreliable Broker Quality: You are not aware of which local broker will do your listing. has mixed reviews online saying it has good services in some places only.
  • Extra Fees for Listing Photos: If you want to add more than 20 photos to your listing you have to pay extra fees of $50 to $60.
  • Costly Customization: For add-on services like e-lockbox rental and showing service you have to pay $150 and $75 respectively. These services are costly compared to other Flat Fee MLS service providers. is available in all 50 states. You can list your home on FSBO and save on the listing agent commission.

However, you should be aware that a la carte fees might go to a maximum of $335! For example, you will have to pay an extra fee of $75 and $150 if you want to use the CSS showing service and e-lockbox rental.

👑 The Queen recommends the $399 MLS package. The package offers maximum exposure through an MLS listing. Moreover, your listing gets syndicated to websites like Zillow,, Redfin, and many more.

3. List with Freedom

Best For Experienced Sellers Company Logo

ListWithFreedom gives you a choice of three Flat Fee plans.

  • Gold Package- $149: This is the basic plan with 6 photos and a 6-month listing term. You have the option to add an online showing service, open house, and virtual tour for additional fees.
  • Platinum Package- $195: This is simply the basic package rebranded with 25 photos instead of 6 photos on the MLS.
  • Platinum Plus- $295: In this plan, you get all the upgrades from the basic plan plus the basic listing service.

⚔️ Listwithfreedom may seem like an affordable option but will charge you anywhere between 0.1% to 0.25% at closing!

Listwithfreedom is one of the oldest Flat Fee platforms in the USA!

  • Quick Listing: Listwithfreedom makes sense for experienced home sellers on a tight budget. The listing is completely done online. Your listing will be live within 24-48 hours!
  • Unlimited Listing Changes: Unlimited changes allow you to create the best possible listing that will attract potential buyers.

👉 The platform has a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot out of 1,721 reviews in total. However, not all customers were happy with their experience!




Listwithfreedom has certain red flags that can derail a smooth sale.

  • Hidden Fees: The word ‘deceptive’ has come up a few times in Listwithfreedom customer reviews. The 0.1% – 0.25% commission cost is not mentioned upfront on the pricing page!
  • Not for First-time Sellers: Listwithfreedom does not offer much assistance when actually required. New home sellers can easily feel lost without the guidance of experienced real estate professionals.

👉 Should you List with Listwithfreedom? Read a detailed analysis before making your final choice.

👑 We do not recommend ListWithFreedom for first-time FSBO sellers. However, experienced home sellers can go for the Platinum+ plan priced at $295 for a quick listing without assistance.


4. Beycome

Hit or Miss Company Logo

Beycome offers 3 FSBO packages. Prices may vary state-wise.

  • Basic Package – $99: This is a basic listing service for experienced sellers. You get services like a local MLS listing, unlimited updates, an open house scheduler, etc.
  • Enhanced Package – $399: This plan includes everything from the basic package plus added features like professional photography, promotional items, yard sign, etc.
  • Concierge Service – $599+ 1%: This plan is essentially a full-service virtual package. Services include full negotiation and paperwork support and full marketing support.

⚔️ Most $99 plans are clickbait! You will have to buy essential services for your listing separately.

Beycome is a decent choice for the few states it covers.

  • Unlimited Listing Changes: All 3 Beycome plans give you free unlimited listing changes and updates.
  • Great Exposure: Beycome will list your home on sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and Coldwell Banker.
  • Assistance and Support: Beycome provides full support during the negotiation phase in their most expensive plan. You can also connect with customer care in English and Spanish.

👉 456 customers rated Beycome 4.5 stars on Google!




Beycome has certain red flags which can make your experience terrible.

  • Clickbait and Spam: A $99 listing is almost always too good to be true. Many costs add up during the closing stage which can completely derail a successful sale. Beycome is also known to spam customers to upsell their Title service.
  • Limited Coverage: Beycome is not a nationwide platform. Currently, Beycome is available only in 10 states.

👉 Is Beycome a Good Choice in 2023? Read a detailed analysis of Beycome before making your final choice.

👑 We recommend Beycome’s Enhanced Package priced for budget-conscious sellers. However, the price of this package varies statewise.


5. XFlatFeeMLS


XFlatFeeMLS provides 4 flat fee MLS packages.

$69 Package: The package includes a listing term of 1 month. The package is available only in selected markets. The listing is posted on the local MLS and other sites. Other services include printable flyers, and federal and state disclosure forms.

$99 Package: The package includes a listing term of 6 months. This plan includes everything from the $69 package.

$139 Package: The package includes a listing term of 1 year. This plan includes everything from the $69 package.

Deferred Payment Plan: This plan is for sellers who want to list their property immediately at low price of $19, and pay the remaining $380 after the sale of property. Package includes 6 photos with a printable flyer, and free status updates.

Here is what you will pay for the additional services-

  • CSS Showing Service: $59
  • e-lockbox: $249
  • Open House Announcement: $19 (Upto $39)
  • Traditional “For Sale” Sign Panel: $150

⚔️ Most $69 plans are clickbait! Proceed with caution.

XFlatFeeMLS is a decent choice for the few states it covers.

  • Fast Listing: Your listing gets activated within 24 hours. If it doesn’t, XFlatFeeMLS will refund the money and give you a free MLS listing.
  • Great Exposure: XFlatFeeMLS will list your home on sites like Zillow, Trulia,
  • State Disclosures: You get all the necessary contracts, forms, disclosures, and addenda you need from XFlatFeeMLS.



XFlatFeeMLS has certain red flags.

Additional Fee for Termination: In the Deferred Payment Plan you have to pay a termination fee of $249 if you cancel it before the end of the term.

No Pricing Support: XFlatFeeMLS do not provide any pricing support.

Costly Add-ons: XFLatFeeMLS charges you extra if you want to update photos after your listing is active. You have to pay an extra fee of $30.

No Credible Customer Reviews: XFLatFeeMLS doesn’t have customer reviews on trustworthy websites like Google, Yelp.

XFlatFeeMLS offers its services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and DC.

Even though the starting prices for the packages are $69, their additional services are costly. Moreover, the one-month listing package is not available in all the markets.

👑 The Queen recommends XFlatFeeMLS’s package priced at $139 with a 1-year listing term. If you need to list your property immediately, you can consider the Deferred Plan. But other flat fee MLS service providers might offer better packages at the same rate.

6. Flat Fee Group


Flat Fee Group provides 3-4 packages that vary as per state.

Common Services: Your listing gets activated within 48 hrs with a listing term of 6 to 12 months. In the full-service package, you get broker assistance which is expensive.


Flat Fee Group is available in all the states.

  • Package Customization: You can get your package customized for a small additional fee.
  • State Disclosures: You get all the necessary contracts, forms, disclosures, and addenda you need from Flat Fee Group.
  • Great Exposure: Flat Fee Group will list your home on sites like Zillow, Trulia,




Flat Fee Group has certain red flags which can make your experience terrible.

  • Not 100% Online: Flat Fee Group is not fully online. Therefore, the process becomes manual and time-consuming. You’ll be on your own to provide tours and interact with potential buyers.
  • Extra Fees: The closing costs can vary significantly as per your state and the listing package you choose. You will have to budget for these costs if you do not want to be caught off-guard.

The Flat Fee Group was established in 2003 and has since expanded to service clients all over the U.S. by connecting independent flat-fee real estate brokerages with sellers.

The pricing and variety of packages offered by Flat Fee may appeal to those looking to sell a property for a flat fee. However, not every seller will have the same experience because it works with different flat-fee brokerages.

In Georgia, options range from $299 to $995!

👑 The Queen says that Flat Fee Group operates on the agent referral system. There are several flat-fee brokerages that it works with, and no two sellers will have the same experience.


Hidden Fees in Flat Fee MLS Companies

Some Flat Fee MLS companies are not upfront about their fees. These hidden costs could go up to thousands of dollars and have a significant impact on your savings. They might say that they take a flat fee but might charge you a percentage of commission at the time of closing.

We have compiled a list of the average hidden fees that may be charged by some Flat Fee MLS listing services.

Types of Hidden FeesCostDescription
1. Cancellation Fees$50-$200If you need to cancel your listing, you need to pay cancellation charges. However, some companies do allow free cancellation, if you cancel before your listing goes live.

Example: Flat Fee Group charges $25 for cancellation.
2. Listing Changes Charge$25-$50 If you need to make any changes to your listing, companies charge extra for that.

Example: Flat Fee Multiple Listing Access charges $10 for listing updates.
3. Expensive Listing Upgrades$50-$100If you need to add more photos to your listing, post an open house or avail a showing management tool, you will be charged extra for these upgrades by some Flat Fee MLS service providers.

Example: Congress Realty charges $50 for listing extension; whereas List With Freedom charges $25 for Open House postings and $59 for Showing Scheduler.
4. Additional Upgrades$50-$200Any service that is not part of the package you sign up for. These are additional services that you need to pay for separately, i.e, Photography, Market Research, Contract Review, etc.

Example: Flat Fee Group which offers pro photography at $290.
5. Expensive Yard Signs$100-$150+ $120 (deposit)Expensive charge for yard signs, even though these yard signs are given on a rental basis.

Example: Homecoin charges $99 for a rental yard sign.
6. Lockbox Charges$100-$200Lockboxes are given on rental for a small charge. However, some Flat Fee MLS companies charge a huge sum as lockbox rental fees.

Example: Homecoin charges $125 for lockbox even though it is on a rental basis.
7. Commission at Closing0.1-0.5%Some Flat Fee MLS companies charge a commission at the time of closing, as a hidden seller agent fee. This fee is often undisclosed and charged to the seller once they close a deal. Sometimes this fee is also masked as a compliance fee.

Example: Flat Fee Realty which charges 0.1%- 0.25% at closing in some states.
8. Flat Fee at Closing$750Fixed Fee companies charge an additional flat fee at closing which is not mentioned upfront.

Example: FlatFeeMLSRealty which charges a flat fee at closing ($350 + $400)
9. Escrow Charges$1K-$2KSome Flat Rate companies charge for escrow at the time of closing.

Example: Vegas Flat Fee charges $995 compliance fees at closing
10. Seller Disclosures$100-$200State-required seller disclosures are unavoidable. Few companies charge for this service as well.

Example: Yager Realty has seller disclosure feature only in their premium packages. Since seller disclosures are imperative to listing, you need to only go for their premium packages!
11. Application Fees$50-$100Few companies charge non-refundable application fees.

Example: List with Freedom charges $50 as application fee.

Note: This table is a generic list of all the hidden charges that various Flat Fee MLS companies charge. It will vary depending on the company you choose.

While some of these services are mentioned in their a-la-carte services, if you still need a lot of support for selling your house, you might need to consider going with a realtor.

Final Note

In Georgia, if you would go with a flat rate MLS service, it will cost you between $149-$499 but that’s only an average price. On the lower side, you can buy an MLS listing package for $149 and on the higher side, a comprehensive MLS listing service package can cost as much as $499.

This guide has covered the top fixed fee MLS companies in Georgia. You may choose the one which suits your requirement.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is a Flat Fee MLS?

The practise of a seller engaging into a "à la carte service agreement" with a real estate broker who receives a flat charge rather than a percentage of the sale price for the listing side of the transaction is referred to as MLS in the real estate industry.

Is Flat Fee MLS Legal?

In the United States, including Georgia, flat fee MLS is permitted. In fact, the US Department of Justice has modified its bulletin to emphasise the advantages of Flat Fee MLS for FSBO house sellers.

What is the difference between Flat Fee MLS and Traditional Agent?

A traditional broker compensation scheme is normally 6% on closing, which means that as a house seller, you will pay more. A Flat Price MLS, on the other hand, charges a one-time fee.

Which is the best Flat Fee MLS in Georgia?

The best Flat Fee MLS in Georgia are:

1. Houzeo


3. List with Freedom

4. Beycome

5. XFlatFeeMLS

How much do Flat Fee services cost in Georgia?

Flat Fee services in Georgia could cost you around $229-$499.

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