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Top Real Estate Agent in Nebraska You NEED To Know in 2023


The Nebraska housing market is finally cooling off. Mortgage rates have shot up. They are expected to remain elevated through 2024.

If you’re a home seller, you’re nervous to sell now with dropping prices. You also don’t want to sell your low-interest mortgage home and buy another home at the current interest rates.

Should you sell now before home prices plummet? Or wait for rates to fall? Unless you want to learn how to sell a house by owner in Florida, you’re looking for a REALTOR to help.

If you’re a home buyer, you don’t know whether you can even afford a home. Prices are still high. And interest rates have added hundreds of dollars to your mortgage payments. Is now the best time to buy a house in Nebraska? Or wait?

A great REALTOR can help you navigate these choppy waters and make the right decision. And once you decide, they can be the pro you rely on to help you buy or sell.

Some REALTORS will save you thousands with technology. Others will help you sell your luxury property for top dollar, and still, others can show you how to stop foreclosure in Nebraska.

With our rankings of the 7 best REALTORS in Nebraska, you can find the right one for a smooth and hassle-free real estate transaction.

Reviews: Best Real Estate Agent in Nebraska

1. Tod Franklin,


Tod Franklin offers 5 listing packages via DFWCityHomes in Texas.

DFWCityhomes offers 5 Listing Packages.

  • Limited Service Flat Fee MLS Listing $495 (Upfront Setup Fee): This package provides you complete control over the sale of your house. it is ideal for an experienced seller. You won’t be charged any closing fees.
  • Virtual Flat Fee MLS Listing $495 + $750 at closing: You get a For Sale Yard Sign. You can upload 40 photos, and a virtual tour video to your listing. You get phone, email, and text assistance for negotiations, contracts, and the closing process.
  • Full-Service MLS Listing $750 + 1% of the sales price at closing: This is a full-service plan where you get professional assistance from listing to closing.
  • Sell Or Lease MLS Listing $895 or $750 at closing: You pay $895 as a set-up fee. When your property is leased, you are not charged anything. If it is sold, then you pay a full $750 representation fee.
  • Luxury Home Flat Fee MLS Listing $995 + $3,000 at closing: For an upfront fee of $995, you get assistance throughout your selling journey. But at closing, you pay $3,000 as a full representation fee.

👉 Our Take: We recommend Tod Franklin for his expertise in Texas real estate market. His professionalism ensures a hassle-free journey for his clients.

» Tod Franklin, DFWCityhomes: Check out the services offered by Tod via

DFWCityhomes is a good option for sellers looking to sell their homes fast.

  • Transaction Sides: He has sold 124 properties in the last 12 months.
  • Buyer Rebate: Tod offers a 1% buyer rebate as a conditional incentive for home buyers.
  • Houzeo Agent Advantage: Tod has access to a 100% online platform that facilitates easy listing, fast changes, online showings, and offers.

We found no red flags with DFWCityhomes during our research. Tod Franklin is one of the best Realtors in Texas.

However, DFWCityhomes packages are expensive. If you are opting for any of its packages we recommend you budget for those.

» Tod Franklin, DFWCityhomes: Find out what customers are saying about Tod Franklin Realtor.

Tod has an “Excellent” 5 out of 5-star rating from 140 total reviews on

What are Real Estate Agents?

Realtor Agents are real estate professionals adhering to the code of ethics laid down by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), America’s largest real estate association.

For becoming a licensed member of the NAR, real estate agents or brokers have to be certified members of a local realtor association and complete their NAR Code of Ethics training.

The designation of a Realtor in Nebraska is open to various professionals like commercial brokers, agents, appraisers, property managers, and counselors working in the real estate sector.

» NAR Code of EthicsA Comprehensive Guide.

What is the Average Real Estate Commission in Nebraska?

The average Realtor commission in Nebraska is typically between 5 and 6%. However, this fee is negotiable and varies from sale to sale depending on the region and the firm REALTORS work for.

🔎 What is the Real Estate Commission in Nebraska: Know what is the average real estate commission in Nebraska!

💸 Want To Save On The REALTOR® Commission?

We have got you covered. Sell your house with for a small flat fee – as less as $349!



REALTOR vs. Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker

  • Real Estate Agents: Agents are licensed professionals who represent buyers or sellers in real estate transactions. They must work with a broker or a brokerage.
  • Real Estate Broker: Brokers are agents with experience and a license, allowed after completing additional coursework. They can either start their own brokerage or work independently as agents.
  • REALTOR®: REALTORs are agents or brokers that are members of NAR and follow NAR’s code of ethics. Their modes of operation and responsibilities include that of agents and/or brokers.

How to Find a REALTOR in Nebraska?

Home sellers can find the right REALTOR in Nebraska with proper research. If you wish to sell a single-family home or a condo, it is essential to find a REALTOR specializing in that sale.

We have listed the process for finding a Nebraska Realtor who will help you in your real estate journey.

» Best Realtors: Here are the top REALTORS in the US you should know!

Can You List Your Home on the MLS Without a REALTOR?

No. Only licensed real estate agents have access to the MLS. There is no way to list on the MLS without an agent.

You can just opt for a Flat Fee MLS listing service. With a Flat-Fee MLS listing, you pay a small fee instead of a full listing agent commission. A Flat Fee MLS listing is the fastest way to get listed on the MLS and hit the market.

With high-tech services like Houzeo real estate, you can get listed faster than a traditional full-service Realtor. And save thousands!

» How to Get Access to MLS: Here’s how to list on MLS without a REALTOR!

Alternatives to Top Realtors in Nebraska

If saving money is the main goal you should consider the following:

1. Sell with Flat Fee MLS Companies

With Flat Fee MLS companies, you can not only save thousands of dollars in commissions but also take advantage of their technology to sell your house fast in the US. These companies will help you list on MLS for a flat fee of a few hundred dollars.

They also offer various services like showing management, offer management, and digital transaction management. These companies are the cheapest way to get your house on the MLS and maximize your profits.

2. Sell with Discount Brokers

Discount Brokers are licensed individuals or companies that help you sell a home in Nebraska at a low commission or flat rate. Most discount realtors charge a single fee for the entire sale. Whereas, a low commission realtor charges real estate commission less than 3%.

These Flat Fee Realtors have the tools to provide excellent exposure to home sellers. They offer social media exposure, a personalized website, and other features despite offering their services at a lower rate than traditional real estate brokers.

Here are our top recommendations:

Discount BrokersFees
Redfin1.5% of the sale price
Ideal Agent2% of the sale price
Houwzer$5000 Flat Fee
HomeLight2.5% of the sale price

⚡ Discount Real Estate BrokersCheck out detailed reviews of top discount real estate brokers near you.

3. Sell “For Sale By Owner”

77% of the FSBO sellers sold their houses in 2 weeks. An advanced for sale by owner site like Houzeo help you sell your home fast and make a successful sale.

The best part about selling a house in Nebraska FSBO is the freedom to make decisions about your home sale without a Realtor. Since there is no listing agent involved, you end up saving thousands of dollars on the seller agent commission which would have been impossible otherwise.

How to Sell Your Own Home in NebraskaCheck out our tips for selling your home like a pro with FSBO

4. Sell to “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies

When selling a home fast for cash, you can skip repairs to reduce your expenses. Selling a home as is in Nebraska will save you money and time. Home sellers get 50% – 70% of the property’s market value for their houses, whether it’s a distressed property or not.

Lesser paperwork and inspections when selling their houses to cash companies speed up the closing process significantly.

⚡ Cash Home Buyers in Nebraska: Check our rankings of the top cash companies in NE!

5. Sell to iBuyers

iBuyers are companies that buy houses for cash. The price is decided with the help of their proprietary algorithm, recent real estate data, and in-house experts. An iBuyer offers and closes the deal within 24 hours. However, there are certain pitfalls when dealing with an iBuyer.

  • The offer price is sometimes way lower than the actual market price
  • Their offer price is generally non-negotiable
  • Charge steep service fees – generally 5%-14% of the sale price

Hence, iBuyers are only recommended if you want a quick sale rather than to save your money.

 iBuyer Reviews: See who’s No.1 in America!

List with Houzeo

Get your home listed today and Houzeo will walk you through the entire process to show your property at its best. Fast listing. No hidden fees.

Final Word

Good REALTORS in Nebraska can make selling a house a cakewalk. Their guidance can help you get the best price for your property in the most hassle-free manner.

However, with the average REALTOR commission being 6% across the nation – split 50-50 between the listing and the buyer agent, your profits on the sale are substantially reduced. Additionally, closing costs for seller in Nebraska will eat away at your profits.

Although there is no escaping the closing costs, opting for Flat Fee Realtorempowered by Houzeo, can help you save 3% on listing agent commission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find a good REALTOR in Nebraska?

Finding a good REALTOR in Nebraska will require a thorough research as there are thousands of them in the state. We have thus collated a list of the best REALTOR in Nebraska in this blog that you can refer to.

How is the real estate market in Nebraska?

Home prices in Nebraska were up 12.9% year-over-year in November. At the same time, the number of homes sold fell 35.5% and the number of homes for sale rose 3.1%.

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