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Best Real Estate Photographers in America: Sell Listings Faster


Photos aid in providing high prices. Homes with high-quality images sell for 47% more per square foot. Thus, if you want to sell your home quickly for a high price, employing a professional real estate photographer is essential. For your reference, we’ve put together a list of the finest real estate photographers in America.

What is a Real Estate Photographer?

A skilled real estate photographer will know how to showcase your home and enhance its attractiveness once it is listed for sale. Hiring a real estate photographer is essential whether it’s for an MLS, a flyer, or a shot for the yard sign. If you want to sell your home fast and for a better price, it is also crucial to employ a real estate photographer.

Best Real Estate Photographers in America

Real Estate PhotographerSpecialtyService Available
1. Patrick BertolinoApartments & Aerial PhotographyTexas
2. Harry LimArchitectural and Interior PhotographyFlorida
3. Kim OliverResidential & Commercial PropertiesCalifornia
4. Dana ThompsonInterior & Exterior PhotographyLos Angeles
5. Richard KaplanLuxury Properties & Interior PhotographyNew York

Sell Your Listing More Faster With Professional Real Estate Photographer

Offering virtual tours or even selling houses with high-quality photos may be engaging and exciting ways to present a listing. Redfin research shows that postings with professional images get about 61% more views than those without. Properties that have been professionally photographed using DSLR cameras have been shown to sell faster and for more prices than homes that have been unprofessionally photographed.

Types of Best Real Estate Photographers

1. Luxury Real Estate Photographers:

Ideal for highlighting the best features of your house

2. Commercial Real Estate Photographers:

Best for capturing your spacious commercial properties

3. Residential Real Estate Photographers:

Perfect for an enhanced display of your home

4. Real Estate Drone Photographers:

A most trendy way to showcase your property

Best Real Estate Photographers Near Me

RegionStates/CitiesBest Real Estate Photographers Near Me
NortheastStatesConnecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia (DC) | Maine | Maryland | Real Estate Photographers Near Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont | Virgin Islands | Virginia| West Virginia
NortheastKey Cities
MidwestStatesIllinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Nebraska | North Dakota | Ohio | South Dakota | Wisconsin
MidwestKey Cities Real Estate Photographers Near Indianapolis, IN
SouthStatesAlabama | Arkansas | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maryland | Mississippi | North Carolina | Oklahoma | Real Estate Photography Near South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Virginia | West Virginia
SouthKey CitiesReal Estate Photographers Near Virginia Beach, VA | Real Estate Photographers Near Fort Worth, TX | Real Estate Photographers Near Lexington, KY
WestStatesMontana | Wyoming | Colorado | New Mexico | Idaho | Utah | Arizona | Nevada | Washington | Oregon | California | Alaska | Hawaii
WestKey Cities Real Estate Photographers Near Phoenix, AZ


Real estate photography is a crucial part of any listing, and it can be challenging to know where to begin when choosing a real estate photographer. Fortunately, we’ve already done the research for you. In this blog, we have covered the top real estate photographers in America, their specialties, availabilities, and why their work is worth investing in.

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