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Houzeo Reviews: Know These 7 Things Before Listing

Cover - Houzeo Reviews 2022
Cover - Houzeo Reviews 2022

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Houzeo has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on various websites, including Trustpilot and Google. Our take on Houzeo reviews will help you make a better-informed decision before listing with Houzeo.

1) What is Houzeo? is a Flat Fee MLS listing service that allows home sellers to list their property on the MLS for a small fee. It is not a brokerage or an agent matching service.

Is Houzeo Legit?

Yes, Houzeo is a legitimate company. The company was established in 2017 and is owned by Amit Dhameja. Houzeo’s head office is located in New York, while its services are available in all 50 states across the US. Most online reviews praise their in-house customer support team and accredited partner network.

» Is Houzeo Legit: Check out our detailed analysis on

2) How Does Houzeo Work?

Houzeo works on a Flat Fee MLS listing model. This method provides MLS exposure to home sellers who wish to sell their homes by themselves, i.e. For Sale By Owner (FSBO). You get to list your home for a small flat fee, also known as FFM, short for Flat Fee MLS.

What is Flat Fee MLS?

Flat Fee MLS is a contemporary real estate service that allows home sellers to hire the services of a real estate agent for listing their property on the MLS.

MLS, which stands for Multiple Listing Service, is an online regional database for advertising residential or commercial properties for sale or rent. Only licensed real estate agents and brokers have access to the MLS.

MLS is known to be the most effective means to market your property. FSBO home sellers nowadays can market their property to a larger audience with the help of pocket-friendly FFM services.

» Houzeo Pricing: Check out Houzeo’s Listing Plans in Your State

Can I Sell the FSBO Way Using FFM Services?

Yes! Rather, it is considered the best approach for most home sellers these days. This method is pocket friendly, reaches the target audience, and gives you control over the transaction.

Reaching credible buyers is one of the biggest problems faced by purely FSBO home sellers. Yard signs and social media posts can help you only to a certain extent in marketing your property.

How Does Houzeo Help Home Sellers?

With the use of advanced technology and access to the MLS, home sellers can become the masters of their real estate transactions with Houzeo. Access to the MLS provides ample marketing for your property.

One of the biggest advantages of Houzeo is that it is totally online. Listing paperwork, showings, and offer management, everything is done in one place. Further, Houzeo provides various tools that help you organize, compare and identify the best offers for your property listing.

3) Houzeo Reviews: How Houzeo Helped Home Sellers

Overall, Houzeo’s Google reviews and Trustpilot reviews are majorly positive. There are no Houzeo Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews yet. Similarly, we could not find Houzeo reviews on Yelp.

We’ve curated some reviews based on the advantages and drawbacks of listing with

✅ Best for FSBO Sellers

Houzeo for sale by owner services are generally well-received by FSBO sellers, especially first-time home sellers. Here’s a Houzeo review of a first-time home seller:

*Source: Trustpilot

Brian is an experienced FSBO home seller who used Houzeo to sell his home. Here’s what he said:

*Source: Trustpilot

✅ Excellent Customer Service

Almost every review of Houzeo mentions helpful, responsive, and very knowledgeable customer service. This can be a big advantage for you if you need help when selling your house without a Realtor.

Eddie had a very positive experience with Houzeo’s online customer support:

*Source: Trustpilot

» Houzeo customer service phone number: (844) 448-0110

✅ Affordable Prices, Huge Savings

Houzeo for sale by owner provides 4 different Flat Fee MLS packages, priced according to multiple services they provide. These packages are on par with other FFM services in the market.

Donna Nall saved $45,000 on listing agent commission with Houzeo.

*Source: Trustpilot

Eric thought that Houzeo was an inexpensive way to list your property on the MLS and other real estate websites like Zillow & Plus, Eric also saved thousands of dollars selling with

*Source: Trustpilot

✅ 100% Online FSBO Paperwork

Houzeo gives you a technological advantage in the same price range compared to other traditional FFM listing services. All the listing paperwork, e.g. listing agreement, and seller’s disclosures are completed online.

Cutting down on the time required to complete listing paperwork is one of the biggest advantages of listing with Houzeo. This is achieved by IntelliList Management, one of Houzeo’s tech features. Otherwise, paperwork can take hours to complete.

*Source: Trustpilot

✅ Easy to Use, Smooth Interface

Houzeo provides home sellers with an easily navigable interface, both on the app and website. Users can arrange showings, compare offers and manage buyer leads effectively, all on a single platform.

*Source: Trustpilot

✅ Quick Listing & Listing Changes

Houzeo claims to get your listing active within 24-48 hours. Plus, the company also provides a service called ‘expedited listing,’ in some locations. This service lists your home within a few hours and is available with either Gold or Platinum listing packages.

For making any listing changes sellers listed with Bronze or Silver plan have to pay $25 per change. These changes are free for Gold and Platinum listing plans.

Here’s what Colin Maeker experienced while selling with Houzeo corp:

*Source: Trustpilot

Houzeo Complaints

However good the services of a company may be, there are always some drawbacks you may face. Houzeo complaints majorly involve technical glitches and a lack of dedication from some listing agents.

❌ Technical Glitches

Some people faced some technical problems when they tried to list with Houzeo. Mace’s listing got delayed due to technical glitches.

*Source: Trustpilot

❌ Unresponsive Listing Agent

Houzeo claims to partner with only top real estate professionals. However, some customers found the services of agents lacking on occasion.

*Source: Trustpilot

4) Houzeo Tech Stack

In order to make the job of FSBO home sellers easy, Houzeo provides you with tech tools. These tools eliminate the need for a real estate agent as you manage your transaction completely by yourself.

Here’s what Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS packages include:

📱 Houzeo Mobile App

Apart from the website, home sellers can use the mobile app to list their homes. Plus, the app provides access to Houzeo showings and Houzeo Offers management.

Home buyers can surf through various listings via the app and the website as well. All the properties listed on Houzeo are available to view on the app and website.

📃 IntelliList Management System

This system guides you step by step through the initial paperwork, setting buyer agent commission, and uploading photos of your property. The IntelliList Management system gives you the necessary paperwork based on your location.

With additional features like easy listing changes and auto-populating data across different documents, this system substantially reduces the time needed to complete paperwork.

📆 Houzeo DigiTransact

The Digital Transaction Management platform helps home sellers navigate the transaction by setting various milestones. The system notifies and alerts you when any action needs to be taken to reach these milestones.

Plus, the other parties involved, e.g. the buyer agent, lender, etc. receive alerts about upcoming or pending tasks. Currently, the feature is available for all home sellers despite the listing package you purchase.

🪧 Houzeo Showings

The feature has a similar function to that of the agent’s showing management tool. However, Houzeo’s Showing Management eliminates the need for a real estate agent to arrange showings and open houses for you. Otherwise, you’d need to do all of it based on your agent’s convenience.

Plus, it comes with another feature where the sellers can see if a particular real estate agent or a buyer is verified. Sellers can choose to provide listing access information to only verified buyers and agents, thus protecting their privacy.

With Houzeo Showings, you and the buyer can schedule showings at any time that is convenient for you. The only drawback of this feature is that it’s available only on the mobile app but not on the website.

👉 Houzeo Offers

The offers platform provides you with an interactive dashboard, where you can compare different offers with each other. You can apply various filters based on your preferences. You can also request the highest and best offer, where Houzeo will choose the best buyer among the offers you get.

🧮 Closing Cost Calculator

Houzeo provides both sellers and buyers with an advanced closing costs calculator. You can get an estimation based on your location, selling/purchasing price, and whether you have any mortgage or down payment.

💵 Buyer Lead Management

Home sellers get to manage all the buyer leads that come directly from various sources on Houzeo’s Lead management platform. Generally, this information goes through a real estate agent before reaching you.

However, this tool gives you direct access to the buyer’s or buyer agent’s information, all in one place.

🔍 Buyer Search Page

All Houzeo listings are advertised on the website under the ‘Homes For Sale’ section. Interested buyers can access these listings themselves, plus, contact you directly. You have a high chance of being approached by unrepresented buyers through this feature.

5) Houzeo MLS Packages

Houzeo fee consists of a small listing fee which changes depending on the service terms, location, and duration. Home sellers get 5 different Houzeo listing plans.

👉 Freemium Plan – $0

Ideal For: Sellers wanting to market their property free of charge

This plan includes:

  • Free listing on Houzeo website
  • Unlimited listing changes

👉 Bronze Plan – $299+

Ideal For: Sellers selling property in a hot market with desirable properties

This plan includes:

  • IntelliList Management System for quick and online paperwork
  • 100% online process
  • 3 months listing period
  • 6 photos on the MLS
  • Listing gets syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, & 200+ websites
  • Refundable custom yard sign for $49

👉 Silver Plan – $349+

Ideal For: FSBO home sellers looking for affordable access to the MLS

This plan includes:

  • IntelliList Management System for quick and online paperwork
  • 100% online process
  • 6 months listing period
  • 24 photos on the MLS
  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Listing gets syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, & 200+ websites
  • Refundable custom yard sign for $49

👉 Gold Plan – 399+

Ideal For: FSBO sellers looking for maximum savings, effortless management of the transaction, and full control over your sale.

This plan includes:

  • IntelliList Management System for quick and online paperwork
  • 100% online process
  • 12 months listing period
  • Maximum photos on the MLS
  • Federal and state disclosures provided with paperwork
  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Listing gets syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, & 200+ websites
  • Houzeo Showings feature on the mobile app
  • Houzeo Offers platform
  • Refundable custom yard sign for $49

👉 Platinum Plan – $999+

Ideal For: Home sellers who require virtual full service of an agent

  • IntelliList Management System for quick and online paperwork
  • 100% online process
  • 12 months listing period
  • Maximum photos on the MLS
  • Federal and state disclosures provided with paperwork
  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Listing gets syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Redfin,, & 200+ websites
  • Houzeo Showings feature on the mobile app
  • Houzeo Offers platform
  • Virtual full-service broker assistance with reviewing contracts, consulting on closings, etc.
  • Refundable custom yard sign for $49

Are Houzeo’s Listing Plans Overpriced?

No. Houzeo’s listing plan prices are competitively charged compared to other top FFM services in the housing market.

Most services that charge a very cheap fee do not disclose their hidden fees upfront, so steer clear of them. You may easily end up paying thousands at closing while chasing after low prices.

Occasionally, you also get Houzeo coupon codes that help you get discounts on their listing package prices.

Houzeo Hidden Fees: Will I Pay More Than Promised?

No. Our research concluded that Houzeo does not charge hidden fees. The company discloses all costs upfront on the state-specific Flat Fee MLS pages. Plus, none of the Houzeo complaints we came across mentioned hidden fees.

» Houzeo Hidden Fees: Check out our detailed review on whether Houzeo charges hidden fees.

6) Houzeo Cancellation & Refund Policy

Houzeo’s refund policy is pretty straightforward. In order to get a refund, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • It has been less than 14 days since you placed your order, AND
  • You have not signed the Listing Agreement, AND
  • Your listing is not live, AND
  • You have not been assigned a draft listing.

Here’s what Sonny experienced after requesting a refund from Houzeo:

*Source: Trustpilot

The only exception to Houzeo refunds is optional upgrades like yard signs, lockbox, showing time, etc. You do not get refunded the price you paid for obtaining these upgrades.

Is Houzeo Cancellation Policy too Stringent?

Not at all. You can cancel your listing at any time unless you have a contract pending on your house. Only the sellers who have listed their properties on GAMLS are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Otherwise, there’s no fee in the Houzeo cancellation policy.

Houzeo Success Fee

According to our research, Houzeo does not charge any success fee as of now.

7) Houzeo Alternatives

Comparing and researching multiple services before a listing is important and wise. Here are some alternatives to Houzeo you can consider before listing your home.

Houzeo vs Homecoin

Homecoin’s key attraction is its $95 listing plan. This plan provides you with a clumsy interface for online listing, substantially degrading your user experience. For the $95 listing plan, Homecoin charges hidden fees between $450 to $2,999 at closing.

Lastly, Homecoin does not give you nationwide coverage as Houzeo does. Homecoin’s services are available in 10 select states only.

Houzeo vs Beycome

Just like Houzeo, Beycome gives you virtual tools to manage your property transaction. With Beycome, you get to choose from 3 different packages, however, each plan’s coverage is limited only to select states.

Beycome’s basic $99 package helps to list your home on the MLS and is available in just 9 states. With Beycome’s $399 ‘Enhanced Package,’ you get additional features like a personalized yard sign, a professional photography session, virtual tour video and more. This package is available in only 7 states.

The $599 package is a concierge service package, where you pay 1% at closing to Beycome, with a minimum limit of $999. You get Beycome’s full-service plan in select 6 states only.

Houzeo vs Zillow

Houses that are listed on the MLS are syndicated directly to Zillow. Even if you don’t list on the MLS, you can still post your listing on manually.

An important drawback here is that FSBO property listings on Zillow receive very limited exposure. This happens because Zillow separates FSBO listings from the ones syndicated via the MLS. With Houzeo, your property will be listed on the MLS, plus get syndicated to Zillow under the MLS property listings.

Houzeo vs Traditional Agent

Traditional agents come with a 6% commission. In order to compete, most real estate services charge a low commission or a flat fee. Hence, paying the full 6% commission today can be a fool’s move.

By using Houzeo, you can manage your transaction just as easily while saving 3% on the listing agent’s commission. Plus, you can upgrade to the ‘Contract to Close’ package if at any time you need assistance.

Is Houzeo Good?

Yes, Houzeo is a good real estate website for home sellers. We could hardly find any reason for recommending against using Houzeo, because of its excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Plus, the majority of reviews on the internet are positive, with hardly any negative ones.

Houzeo’s coverage is throughout the 50 states, a feat achieved by only a handful of other services. Compared to them, Houzeo has the most positive reviews online. That’s why we recommend listing with Houzeo and navigating your real estate transaction seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Houzeo

1. Is Houzeo legitimate?

Yes. Houzeo was established in 2017 and is owned by Amit Dhameja. The company's head office is located in New York, while its services are available in all 50 states across the US.

2. Is Houzeo free?

Houzeo offers a free listing for home sellers, where your property listing is advertised on Houzeo's website, but not on the MLS. In order to list on the MLS, you need to purchase one of Houzeo's MLS listing plans.

3. Are flat fee realtors good?

Yes. Nowadays, selling with Flat Fee Realtors is considered the best approach for most home sellers. This method is pocket friendly, reaches the target audience, and gives you control over the transaction.

4. Is flat fee MLS legal?

Yes, Flat Fee MLS is a legal practice in the real estate industry that is backed by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

5. Is Houzeo available nationwide?

Yes. Operating in over 200+ markets, Houzeo offers nationwide coverage to home sellers.

6. What is Houzeo login?

When you register as a home seller or buyer with Houzeo, you are assigned a unique account, and that is your 'Houzeo Login'. You can find your Houzeo login here.

7. Is Houzeo a good choice to sell my house?

Indeed. Every dollar you save is critical with surging home prices and high mortgage rates. With Houzeo's flat fee MLS plans, you can seamlessly list on the MLS for a flat rate of $349. The customized dashboard, 100% online technology, nifty social media tools, and 5-star customer service makes Houzeo the best alternative for FSBO sellers looking to save money while selling their homes. Check out the pricing for your state and save thousands of dollars selling FSBO.

8. Who owns Houzeo?

Houzeo is owned by Amit Dhameja, with its offices headquartered in New York and Charlotte.

9. What are Houzeo pros and cons?

Pros of Houzeo are as follows:

1. Advanced tech
2. Affordable listing packages
3. Nationwide coverage
4. Control over the transaction

Cons of listing with Houzeo are:

1. Expensive listing packages in some state
2. Limited coverage in 2 state

Check out what others have to say about Houzeo pros and cons.

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