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Top 4 Home Staging Companies of 2023


Buying a home is the biggest and the most important financial transaction in a person’s life. A professional home stager can help potential buyers visualize their future in your house.

A staged home can attract offers of 1% to 5% more than the asking price. Hire a home staging company to make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

Here is the list of the best home staging companies in the US.

Rankings: 4 Best Home Staging Companies of 2023

RankStaging CompaniesBest ForStaging FeeNationwide Coverage
#1ShowhomesIn-person stagingVaries as per the location
#2Meridith Baer HomeStaging super luxurious properties$15,000 – $20,000
#3StucccoAffordable virtual staging$29 per photo
#4Barion Design Inc.Luxury Virtual StagingVaries as per the space size

Reviews: 4 Best Home Staging Companies of 2023

1. Showhomes

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Queen's Take

Why We Chose It: Showhomes is the largest home staging franchise network and has been in the business since 1986. They have staged over 35,000 homes across various states. Apart from staging, they offer home upgrades and home managers.

💲 Pricing: Varies depending on the location

👍 What We Like:

  • Offers vacant staging, owner-occupied staging, home upgrades, home managers, etc.
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • The staging fee can be paid at the closing

👎 What We Dislike:

  • Inconsistent experience due to franchise model
  • The staging fee varies based on the location
  • Limited coverage

👉 Our Take: Showhomes can be a very good choice for home sellers looking for in-person staging services. However, the Showhomes franchise is available in select counties of 16 states only.

  • Over 3 decades of staging experience
  • Home manager option available
  • Offer short-term rental styling
  • Can stage your house within 48 hours in case of tight deadlines
  • The franchise model might lead to a non-uniform customer experience
  • Limited coverage

Showhomes’ Raleigh franchise is rated 5 stars on Google reviews. Check your local Showhomes franchise ratings before choosing their staging services. 

As of November 2022, Showhomes has partial coverage in 16 states:

California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota

2. Meridith Baer Home

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Meridith Baer Home has been in the home staging business for over 25 years.

Why We Chose It: Meridith Baer Home has been in the home staging business for over 25 years. Homes staged by the company sell faster and above the asking price, sometimes up to seven figures above the listing price.

💲 Pricing: $15,000 – $20,000 per staging

👍 What We Like: 

  • They stage all properties –  luxury homes, estates, highrise condos and lofts cottages, etc.
  • Meridith Baer Home stages 150 homes per month
  • They maintain 300,000 square feet of warehouse space filled with decor items
  • The company offers home staging services nationwide

👎 What We Dislike:

  • A lot more expensive than a regular home staging service
  • Some customers have complained about the furniture made available to them

👉 Our Take: Meridith Baer Home is best suited for homeowners selling super luxury properties in hot markets like Hamptons or Los Angeles. We do not recommend the company for average-priced homes.

  • Meridith Baer (founder of the company) has been in the business for over 25 years
  • Homes staged by them sell for up to seven digits higher than the asking price
  • The company maintains an abundant stock of decore items in their warehouse

Meridith Baer Home is rated 3.7 stars on the popular review site Yelp.

Meridith Baer Home offers home staging services nationwide.

3. Stuccco

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Stuccco offers affordable virtual home staging services with a 24-hour delivery time.

Why We Chose It: Stuccco offers affordable virtual home staging services with a 24-hour delivery time. They offer several packages for individual home sellers and real estate agents.

💲 Pricing: $29 per photo. Stuccco offers other virtual staging options ranging between $15 and $39. They offer photo enhancement for $1.5/photo.

👍 What We Like:

  • Stuccco virtually stages all types of properties
  • Photos are delivered within 24 hours
  • Free, unlimited revisions for up to 60 days
  • Your property gets displayed on Stuccco’s Property Page
  • You can give additional design instructions while choosing a design

👎 What We Dislike:

  • Only real estate agents have access to the lead capture feature
  • The video slideshow tool is available only for real estate agents

👉 Our Take: Stuccco is an excellent virtual staging option for all types of sellers. Opt for their services if you are running short on time and want to list your property asap.

» Virtual Staging: Everything You Need to Know

  • Affordable virtual staging packages
  • Low turnaround time (within 24 hours)
  • Free and unlimited revisions for up to 60 days
  • Free Property Page on Stuccco’s website
  • Customizable plans for real estate professionals

We could not find a substantial number of customer reviews on credible review sites for Stuccco.

Stuccco offers virtual home staging services nationwide.

4. Barion Design Inc.

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Queen's Take

Barion Design Inc. was founded by Ilaria Barion, a noted luxury home stager.

Why We Chose It: Barion Design Inc. is founded by Ilaria Barion, a noted luxury home stager. She has staged over 50,000 properties. Unlike other virtual home staging companies, Barion Design starts the staging process with a consultation.

💲 Pricing: Based on the size of the space depicted in the picture and the amount of staging required.

👍 What We Like: 

  • The company understands the aesthetic requirements of luxury properties
  • Prices are not based on the home value
  • The team is led by experienced home stager Ilaria Barion
  • Positive customer testimonials

👎 What We Dislike:

  • Delivery time isn’t as quick as other virtual staging companies

👉 Our Take: We recommend Barion Design for luxury home sellers who don’t mind shelling out extra dollars for an expert virtual home stager.

  • Team of highly trained designers and home stagers
  • Impressive customer testimonials
  • Staged more than 50,000 luxury properties
  • The staging process starts with a consultation
  • Each property is staged differently based on the home seller’s requirements

Barion Design’s virtual staging services are rated 5 stars on Google Reviews.

Barion Design offers virtual home staging services nationwide.

What are Home Staging Services?

Home staging services or home staging companies stage and prep your house for listing photographs and walkthroughs.

A staging company usually consists of professional home stagers who can make your home aesthetically pleasing. All in all, a home staging company helps you attract more potential buyers.

Professional home staging largely involves cleaning, rearranging, or renting furniture, and other aesthetic tactics to make your home visually appealing.

» Home Staging: What it means and is it worth it?

What is Virtual Home Staging?

Virtual staging is a type of home staging wherein a graphic editor stages your home digitally using staging tools and software. The end result is a realistically staged photograph or a video slideshow of your house that you can directly upload with your MLS listing.

» Virtual Staging: Here’s how to stage your home digitally

How Much Does a Home Staging Company Cost?

It depends on the staging company you choose.

Some home staging companies charge a percentage of the sale value. Whereas, some charge a flat rate based on the area and staging required.

As per Homeadvisor’s data, home sellers spend $755 – $2,844 on home staging. However, this cost varies largely depending on:

  • The location of your property
  • The number of rooms you want to stage
  • Property type

» How Much Does Home Staging Cost: Read to know your staging estimates

Top Home Staging Tips

Here are the top home staging tips you cannot miss:

  • Make a Remarkable First Impression: Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door or fix a minor dent. Place plants on either side of the front door. Also, trim the lawn and keep the outside windows clean.
  • Paint Your House Neutral: Neutral colors appeal to most people. They make the rooms look spacious and more ventilated.
  • Get rid of Unnecessary Furniture: If your living room or the bedrooms are cluttered with bulky furniture, put them in storage. Too many small furniture pieces will also degrade the overall look. Strike a perfect balance and rent furniture if necessary.
  • Remove Personal Photographs: Ensure you remove all the personal and family pictures while staging your house. Allow buyers to imagine their future in the house. Instead, keep coffee table books, magazines, or candles on the side tables.

» Home Staging Tips: Pro tactics to stage your house for sale

Home Staging Companies Near Me

Is a Home Staging Company Worth the Cost?

Yes, hiring a home staging company is completely worth the cost. Homes staged sold for $40,000 over the list price in 2021.

Homes photographed professionally sell 32% faster. To attract maximum competitive buyers, we recommend you combine home staging with professional real estate photography.

» Real Estate Photographers: Discover the best real estate photographers of 2023

Final Verdict

Home staging companies are an effective way of marketing your property for sale. Home staging can be in-person involving a professional home stager or virtual involving graphically edited staged photographs of your house.

Attach realistically rendered photos to make your MLS listing attractive. A good staging service is definitely worth the investment because they result in a faster home sale at a higher price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cost to stage a home?

It costs about $752 - $2,837 to stage a house in America. This cost varies depending on the location, size of your house, and the number of rooms you want to stage.

2. How do I choose a staging company?

You may do the following to hire a staging company of good repute and credibility:

1. Read company reviews on credible review sites
2. Ask for previous work samples
3. Get client references and customer testimonials

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