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How to List on MLS For Sale By Owner

How to List on MLS

The U.S real estate market has peaked and home prices are rapidly increasing year over year. As a result, real estate agent commissions reached record-high levels.

You can skip these hefty agent commissions by listing your house on the market by owner.

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What is MLS?

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database that enables real estate agents and brokers to list and view homes for sale. It includes all the information about your property, such as the price and description of your house. The homes listed on MLS are syndicated on various online real estate websites. This amplifies the exposure your property gets.

There are more than 600 Local MLS in the U.S. There isn’t any “federal MLS” to market your house to nationwide buyers.
​It is integral to list your home on the correct local MLS so that your MLS listing can be in front of the right buyer agents and buyers. Only real estate agents can list a house on the MLS, and one needs a real estate license to access the MLS as mentioned earlier.

👉 Pro Tip: lets you list on the MLS by the owner without the need for a real estate agent license.

How Does the MLS Work?

REALTORS® pay a fee of $150 to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® in order to post their listings and search listings for buyers. MLS is a generalized term, with no regulatory body involved.

Earlier, real estate agents used to market their own listings with their respective clients which resulted in high brokerages as most of the listings were in an hour earlier.

According to NAR, the first MLS database was formulated in the 1800s. Typically, few real estate brokers that work together in local areas come together and frame their individual regional MLS. As a result, there are more than 600 regional MLS now.

Today, MLS is a central database that allows real estate agents and brokers to list properties. Once your property is listed on MLS, it will appear on online websites, giving it more exposure to homebuyers.

Benefits of Listing a Home on MLS

✅ Get Maximum Exposure

By listing on MLS your listing gets syndicated to hundreds of real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and that give exposure for your property to potential buyers.

✅ Market to Buyer Agents

According to the report published by the National Association of Realtors ( NAR ), 90% of home buyers are represented by a buyer agent. Thus, MLS is the most effective way to market your property to potential buyers.

✅ Propose a Buyer Agent Commission

Buyer agents are involved in most of the real estate transactions, MLS provides you an opportunity to incentivize buyer agents with a competitive commission.

✅ Sell Faster

Homes that were listed on MLS sold 17% faster than homes that were not listed on MLS.

Considering the facts and benefits of listing on MLS you can get your property on MLS in JUST 60 Minutes!

Start your MLS Listing now!

How do I List my Home on MLS?

You have three ways to to list your home on MLS

1. List your home on MLS with a Full-Service Realtor

A full-service realtor is a licensed real estate agent or broker and they’ll take care of listing your home on MLS to closing the property deal for you.

Full-service real estate agents are bringing in expertise that you don’t have so there is a cost for their involvement. Full-service real estate agents charge hefty commissions and can range from 2.5% to 3%.

Pros & Cons of Listing on MLS With a Full-Service Realtor

✅ Pros of Listing on MLS with a Realtor❌ Cons of Listing on MLS with a Realtor
1. Real estate agent will take care of everything on your behalf.1. Agent commission up to 3% or even more.
2. No additional fee to market your home on social media platforms or on other websites2. Depending on how busy your agent is, your home may not receive the attention it deserves.
3. Real estate agents will be eager to sell your home at a higher price.3. No control over the transaction

Steps for Listing a House With a Full-Service Realtor

Step No.StepsExplanation
1Search for an Ideal RE AgentInterview real estate agents in your area. You can even schedule a pre-listing appointment with the agent.

Make sure to negotiate the terms of the listing agreement, duration of the listing agreement, the commission asked, and necessary marketing activities.
2You Sign Essential DocumentsAfter finalizing all the terms and conditions, you may sign the listing agreement. Be sure to read them comprehensively.
3Prepare Your House for SaleCleaning, staging, photos, and any pre-listing repairs will be scheduled by the agent.
4Add listing to the MLSAt last, the listing agent posts your listing on the MLS.

2. How to List on MLS without a Realtor?

You cannot list on MLS without the help of a real estate agent as a real estate license is required to post properties on the MLS.

However, there’s a catch!

You can opt for a Flat Fee MLS listing service like, and list your home on MLS without a Realtor. Selling a house without a Realtor can be easy with Flat Fee MLS listing services. You only need to pay a small fee instead of a full 3% listing agent commission.

Best Option: List Home on MLS with a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

What is Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Flat Fee MLS Listing was legalized by the US Department of Justice in 2005. Flat Fee MLS Listing helps you to list your house on MLS with a small fee instead of paying a full listing agent commission.

These listings are also called “entry-only” listings. The real estate agent/broker only helps you to list your property on MLS. If you require additional assistance or services you can pay an additional fee instead of paying hefty commissions.

Don’t worry! You still hold the command over the transaction and retain the integrity of selling your house by owner. The real estate agent only provides you with a listing in the MLS and no other services.

Thus, if you want to sell your home yourself and save thousands of dollars from the commission then a Flat Fee MLS listing is the best option.

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Pros & Cons of Listing With Flat Fee MLS Services

✅ Pros of Listing with Flat Fee MLS Services❌ Cons of Listing with Flat Fee MLS Services
1. Increases your chances of finding a buyer significantly.1. You still have to pay a small Flat Fee to get on MLS.
2. Listing gets syndicated to hundreds of other websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com2. You are selling your home on your own, there is a chance that the support concierge is ineffective.

Steps to List on MLS with a Flat Fee Service

Step No.Steps Explanation
1Organize a ResearchOrganize research to find the best Flat Fee MLS listing service in your area. Define certain parameters like:
  • Maximum Savings
  • 5-star Customer Reviews
  • Advanced Technology
  • Easy listings
    2Look for an Ideal Listing PackageMany companies provide a variety of Flat Fee MLS listing packages, each with its own set of benefits and prices.

    Packages differ depending on the number of photos, listing term, MLS coverage, services you choose, and many other factors.
    3Click Professional PhotosIf you want to sell your home faster, make sure to click some professional photos of your house. Take at least one curb shot and let there be enough light while clicking a photo.
    4Create a listingWhile creating a listing for your local MLS, make sure to go with a catchy headline, comprehensive description, and attractive photographs.

    Finally, avoid pricing gimmicks and try not to oversell.
    5 Get Listed on MLSAfter finalizing these all prospects, forward the same to the listing agent and get your property listed on the MLS.

    With Houzeo's 100% online platform, you can list on the MLS within 24 business hours.

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    America’s 3 Best Flat Fee MLS Services


    🥇 Company Logo

    Why It’s #1: Houzeo has thousands of 5-star reviews. It offers the best combination of maximum savings, advanced technology, 5-star customer support, and listing exposure.

    Packages: Houzeo offers 4 packages.

    • Bronze is $249 and is best for selling a lot.
    • Silver is $349, and includes everything competitors like charge $399 for.
    • Gold is $429. It is Houzeo’s signature package and includes all the technology Houzeo is known for: Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.
    • Platinum is $999+. It includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing.

    Our Recommendation: We recommend the GOLD plan. You’ll have access to Houzeo tech, making managing showings and offer negotiations easy!

    » Houzeo Reviews: Houzeo is rated 5.0 stars on Google Reviews and 4.9 stars on Trustpilot with thousands of reviews.

    • Mobile application
    • Nationwide coverage
    • 100% online platform
    • 5-star customer reviews
    • IntelliList Listing Management System: Lightning fast listing and fast changes
    • Listings get syndicated to Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin, and 100s of other real estate sites

    Houzeo has 4.9 out of 5 ratings with 3,280 reviews. Houzeo also has a 5-Star rating on popular review sites like TrustPilot and Google.

    » Houzeo Review: Is the $349 Flat Fee Worth It?

    Houzeo is available nationwide with coverage in 200+ markets.

    2. beycome

    beycome Company Logo

    “beycome” is a For Sale By Owner website that is popular across California and a handful of other southern states.

    Packages: beycome offers three unique packages to list your house on MLS for sale by owner.

    • The basic Package is $99: lets you post unlimited photos on MLS. But it is available in only 8 states.
    • Enhanced Package is $399: This package includes everything from HDR pictures to personalized yard signs.
    • The concierge Package is $599: Includes the assistance of a licensed broker to help you with negotiations, disclosures, and closing. It also includes 1% of the sale price due at closing.

    Our Recommendation: We recommend the Enhanced Plan for maximum exposure and savings. Should you look for other options, you can consider Houzeo which offers much more as compared to other real estate platforms.

    » beycome Reviews: Read to find out what beycome has to offer.

    • Affordable and flexible MLS listing plans
    • Basic plans start from $99
    • Offers additional features
    • Available only in California and few other states
    • The Concierge plan charges additional 1% agent commission fees over and above the listing charges
    • The Concierge plan does not offer FSBO option

    beycome is rated  4.2/ 5 (out of 12 reviews) on TrustPilot.

    beycome is available in California and a handful of other Southeastern states.

    3. Homecoin

    Homecoin Company Logo

    Homecoin operates in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

    Packages: Homecoin has a single $95 package that allows you to list your home on the MLS as FSBO. Various a la carte options are available with this package on additional payment.

    👉 Our Recommendation: If you are an experienced FSBO seller and know exactly what to choose from their a la carte options, homecoin should be ideal for you. However, the add-on charges are high as compared to Houzeo and other FSBO sites.

    » Homecoin Reviews: Read our reviews on Homecoin.

    • FSBO listing
    • Only $95 as listing fees
    • 100% online
    • Additional charges for state disclosures
    • $450+ hidden fees
    • Clumsy and time-consuming interface
    • Only available in selective states throughout America

    Homecoin is rated 5/5 (out of 97 reviews) on Yelp.

    Homecoin is available in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

    How to List on MLS via

    You can follow these simple steps to list your home on MLS via

    1. Visit Houzeo’s website on your browser.
    2. Click on “Start Free Listing” on the top right-hand corner of the page.
    3. On the login page, click on “Register Here” and it will ask you to create an account.
    4. Fill in all the required fields, complete name, email address, phone number, and password, then click on “register” to finish creating your account.
    5. There will be a verification email sent out to your email address. You can open your email and get your account verification completed.
    6. Log in to your houzeo account.
    7. Click on “Sell A Property”
    8. On the first tab, you need to fill in your property type and your complete property address.
    9. The second tab: Enter your property’s basic information, title, and description, select the buyer’s agent commission then click on continue.
    10. The third tab: You can enter the price you have set for your home then click on continue.
    11. The fourth tab: Upload the photos of your property and click on continue.
    12. The fifth tab: You can select the MLS package you like for listing and complete the payment process using a debit or credit card. The package price depends and differs from state to state and MLS to MLS.
    13. The sixth tab: Select any available broker, he/she will be assigned to you as your listing agent.
    14. The final tab is the documents for MLS. Here, you will receive a task which you need to complete and answer the required information.
    15. Your listing order will be processed and will be live within 2-3 business days.

    How to List on MLS for Free?

    Nothing is entirely free, but there are alternatives for “How to list on MLS” without a Realtor that can save thousands of dollars on commissions but listing on MLS is not free of cost.”

    Many Flat Fee MLS companies offer full-service packages which include almost everything that a traditional agent would offer you for a 3% commission.

    The Flat Fee MLS approach allows you to list on MLS and gain maximum exposure at just a small fixed fee. Your listing gets syndicated to hundreds of real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, and so more.

    Alternatives to Listing on MLS By Owner

    Acquiring a real estate agent and getting listed on MLS, Using a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service, or going For Sale By Owner Online. Still, there are other alternatives available to list on MLS.

    1. Companies That Buy Houses For Cash

    If you’re looking for an immediate solution to sell your home fast then companies that buy houses for cash are ideal for you.

    These companies make instant cash offers on houses. However, they typically offer only 50% to 90% of the fair market value of the property.

    BIGGEST IBUYER Company Logo

    Opendoor is America’s best and largest ibuyer based out of  San Francisco and offers instant cash for homes. Opendoor started it’s business in 2014 and has been helping homeowners in difficult real estate transactions.

    Opendoor offers 90% to 100% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV).

    Preliminary cash offer: Opendoor takes 24 hours to make a preliminary cash offer.

    Closing costs: Opendoor service fee (5%), plus deduction for repairs, typically 1% to 7%.

    Final Cash Offer: Opendoor’s final cash offer is calculated after deducting closing costs, typically 6% to 13%.

    » Opendoor Reviews: Everything you need to know about America’s biggest iBuyer

    • UI experience for users
    • Preliminary cash offer in 24 hours
    • Closing cost applicable
    • Sellers receive a no-fuss cash offer
    • Hefty service fees

    Opendoor has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars across 2,710 reviews on

    Opendoor offers cash for houses in 47 major markets across 21 states: AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, MN, MO, NV, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA.

    2. Discount Real Estate Brokers

    Traditionally, a real estate agent/broker asks for a 2.5% to 3% listing commission but a discount real estate broker is someone who is willing to do all the work in selling your house for a lesser than usual amount.

    Redfin Company Logo

    Redfin’s regular listing cost is 1.5 percent, but they heavily promote a 1% listing fee. They provide further discounts to clients who sell and buy with the company within a year.

    If you meet the criteria, Redfin will lower your listing cost to 1%.  Many Redfin reviews state that they’ve gotten a great deal.

    Redfin’s business strategy also relies on existing customers enticing them to use other Redfin services. These are some of them:

    • Redfin’s title and settlement company are called Title Forward.
    • Redfin Mortgage is a company that has its own mortgage broker.
    • Redfin Open Book is a service provider affiliate network for contractors, electricians, and landscapers.
    • Strong technology
    • Thorough listing agreement
    • Detailed paperwork
    • Holistic services
    • Full-service brokerage
    • Slow listing process
    • Average customer service

    Redfin has an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 on Consumer Affairs.

    Redfin is available nationwide with strong coverage in 80+ markets

    3. Truly FSBO

    As mentioned before, ‘For Sale By Owner’ or ‘Sell your home yourself’ refers to the process of selling real estate without the assistance of an agent or broker. In simple words, instead of paying a realtor commission, you take on the work and obligations that a realtor would normally handle.

    51 percent of homebuyers, according to the National Association of Realtors, look for properties online. Furthermore, FSBOs accounted for 7% of all house sales in 2020.

    More importantly, you can avoid these small fees too and sell your home yourself. Various For Sale By Owner websites like Houzeo, Zillow, Craigslist,, and more offer free listings to their respective websites.

    Their platform carries a substantial amount of traffic that can attract potential exposure.

    Traditional marketing approaches like FSBO yard signs, flyers, or word-of-mouth advertising can be beneficial too. Houzeo provides the most dynamic For Sale Yard Sign. Here’s a visual to assist you.

    List your home with Houzeo and save $25 instantly!

    Use the Houzeo Coupon Code below and get started on your MLS journey



    Frequently Asked Questions about Listing on MLS

    1. What is MLS?

    Multiple Listing Service or MLS is a property listing database used by licensed real estate agents and brokers to list their sellers’ homes and properties. Every listing is automatically posted to hundreds of real estate websites, including the major ones like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and

    2. Is Flat Fee MLS Legal?

    Flat Fee MLS is legal all over the United States. In fact, the US Department of Justice just updated their bulletin highlighting the benefits of Flat Fee MLS for For Sale By Owner home sellers.

    3. Are Flat Fee Realtors Good?

    Some home sellers assume that since flat-fee realtors are working for lower fees they might not provide you with good services but there are thousands of home sellers who’ve already tried these flat-fee realtors and they have saved thousands of dollar with the best services!

    4. Can I List on the MLS without an Agent?

    Yes, you can list your home on the MLS with a Flat Fee MLS listing service like Houzeo, eliminating the listing agent, and their 3% commission right away!

    5. What is a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

    Flat Fee MLS Listing (Multiple Listing Service) provides home sellers access to the MLS for a small flat fee – $79 to $495 on Houzeo – instead of paying a 3% listing agent commission. When you choose a Flat Fee MLS listing, you are in full control of your home sale and can avoid paying up to all of the 6% standard real estate commission.

    6. How Can I List My House Using The Flat Fee MLS Listing?

    It’s simple! List your home on, purchase a Flat Fee MLS listing plan, and fill out all the needed documents that will be automatically assigned to you. 60 minutes could save you $20,000 in real estate agent commissions! Our plans are designed to serve a specific type of customer. For land, feel free to purchase the BRONZE plan. We recommend the SILVER plan for the sophisticated seller. And the GOLD gives you everything you need to make things easier for novice sellers!

    7. Can I Request to Add Open Houses Easily?

    Our IntelliList Listing Management system makes requesting open houses to be added a breeze!

    8. How Much Money Can I Actually Save?

    You can save up to 100% of the real estate commissions! With the Flat Fee MLS listing on Houzeo, you save the 3% listing agent commission. You’re obligated to pay the buyer’s agent the commission you offered if they’re represented by an agent, but if you procure a buyer with no agent involved, you can save even that!

    9. What Things Does a Seller Have to Do to Sell Their Property?

    You’ll essentially be serving as your own agent, so your responsibilities include setting up the yard sign, scheduling showings, filing paperwork, pricing your property, etc. Houzeo does make it a little easier though – and you save $$$ in the process!

    10. Do I Need to Sign a Contract to List My Home?

    Yes, but these contracts for Flat Fee MLS listings are generally “entry-only”. That means they’re limited to the agent entering your listing into the MLS. And they can be canceled/terminated anytime with no penalty!

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